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Election for AOAN president

  • Since the term of service of current President Dr. Beomseok Jeon, Korea, will be ended on early 2021, there will be an election for the next President in the Council of Delegates meeting during the AOCN 2021 in Taiwan (April 1-4 2021). And According to the AOAN bylaw Article 7, Dr. Beomseok Jeon assigned a Nomination committee whose function is to accept nominations, assess qualifications of nominees, affirm interest of the nominees and submit the names of the candidates to the President for the formal announcement. Dr. Abdias Aquino, Philippines, Dr. Lawrence Wong, Hong Kong, and Dr. Ching-Piao TSAI, Taiwan, are assigned as the members of nomination committee (Dr. Ching-Piao TSAI as the Chair of the committee).

  • Any delegate member may submit nominees for the Office Bearers at least 2 months before the Council of Delegates Meeting that is before Feb 1. 2021. This should be accompanied by letters of consent from the nominees and endorsements from their respective societies.

  • Should you please send the suggested candidates to the nomination committee (cptsai@vghtpe.gov.tw) at your convenience.

News of the Asian and Oceanian Association of Neurology

  • Australian and New Zealand Association of Neurologists (ANZAN) has recently commenced a so-called “Asia Pacific Visiting Speaker” stipend to help support an invited ANZAN visiting speaker in contributing to an educational activity in an economically disadvantaged nation in the Asia-Pacific region. The concept is that the invited ANZAN speaker would apply to ANZAN for the stipend, after receiving an invitation from a host institution in the Asia Pacific region. Interested parties be referred to the file attached.

  • Professor Artemio Roxas, AOAN delegate from Philippines was appointed as chair for AOAN education committee, and will develop education programs for the developed and developing member countries.

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