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Dear Colleagues,
It is my great honor to welcome you to the new year of the Asian and Oceanian Association of Neurology (AOCN).
Since its inception back in 1961, AOCN has made great strides in advancing the field of neurology and neuroscience, promoting education, and networking neurologists in the region for lively exchange of ideas and friendship.

Now, building on the great foundation laid down by our predecessors, I would like our organization to take yet another leap. The following are what we will strive for in the next 4 years.

Aims and objectives in the Article 3 of bylaws of our organization clearly state that
1. We are To promote and foster on an international scale, the advancement, exchange and diffusion of information and ideas relating to the nervous system.
2. We are To promote education and research in neurology.
3. We are To promote prevention and treatment of neurological disorders

We have seen our organization expanding in membership and educational programs under the leadership of our former presidents, but we are acutely aware that we still need to reach out more regions. These regions happen to be where there is no strong regional neurological society to assist in their education so that there is more need for providing educational programs.

Above all, our organization is part of WFN which is again part of WHO, which is to help. Mission statement of WHO says that it aims to improve health, particularly among disadvantaged populations.
We will take pride in working together and helping each other.

Thank you again and I look forward to your help.

AOCN 2021 - Asian Oceanian Congress of Neurology
Asian and Oceanian Association of Neurology (AOAN) MISSION STATEMENT
  • To promote the development of clinical neurology and neurological science throughout the Asian andOceanian Region.

  • Assist, as required, in the development of training programs and research efforts in member and potential member nations of  the region. 

  • Facilitate co-operative exchange programs for trainee and qualified neurologists and neuroscientists.
  • Participate with activities promoted by the WFN.

  • Respect the aims and aspirations of member organizations in providing support and advice.

  • Promote friendship amongst neurologists and neuroscientists in the region.

  • Act with sensitivity in obviating political and cultural influences which may impact adversely on these mission objectives.
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